Why GANT?  Founded in 2005, Gant News was the first daily web-based newspapers in Pennsylvania* and quickly grew to become the top visited newspaper sites in our market.  Our News Team publishes more local headlines online than any other news source in Clearfield County.  As a non-gated, subscription- free business model, we attract more monthly visitors have the largest web and social media reach (15,000+ facebook followers).  Follow us on facebook.   

*Source:  Pennsylvania News Media Association.

Client testimonials:

“Gant’s commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date local news as well as current national news continues to drive more and more people to their site, which in turn has driven more “potential patients” to ours. Each month we advertise with Gant News, they continue to be the leading referral source to our website. Advertising with Gant News is money well spent.”     Mark Powell, Laurel Eye

Anytime we have advertising needs, Gant comes to mind.  Their dedication to our needs never disappoints.  In 2022 we added a new business to our profile.  We advertised on Gant and our sales soared beyond what we thought was possible.  They are a true leader in the industry and one that we truly trust and believe in.  Kristi Heichel, Lansberry Trucking